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Process Serving  - Regular and Emergency service available, mileage fee  if more than 25 miles from office.

Billed upon completion of serve.  A minimum of 3 attempts will be made and you will be  charged regardless of the success of a serve.

Private Investigative services are available, call today to discuss your specific needs as all cases  vary.

I work off of a retainer.  After we meet  to discuss your needs, we will determine how many hours to start and will multiply that times my hourly rate.  Once those hours are exhausted, we will discuss results and replenish the retainer if it is decided to continue on with the investigation.

Witness Interviews - This is an attorney service.  Witness interviews help determine what witnesses will testify in court and assist attorneys in selecting who to subpoena for trial.  This service is charged at an hourly rate and billed upon the completion of the interviews.

Notary service available.